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2010-01-09 22:55:00
Can You Sell My Home?

'Couple Selling HomeCan You Sell My Home'?  It Sells Faster With the Tax Credit

These are sweet words to show up in an e-mail when you find out that one of your past clients is ready to move up in this exciting and competitive market!  The first item of business is to find out what improvements have been made to the house since the last CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) was done.  Next is to find out what price range homes are selling for in the neighborhood so that the home can be properly priced to sell for the most money in a reasonable amount of time.   Once the value of the home is determined, the next is step is to visit the home and see if there are any repairs that need to be made before actually listing the home.

One thing I know for certain... it is always exciting to begin marketing a new home.  One has to ponder who the lucky new buyer will be including income, employment, and family size.  You try to picture in your mind the attributes of the home and coorelate those with the tastes and needs of potential Buyer.  Once you do that, you must determine which websites the potential new buyers will be currently using in their search for real estate.  Sherlock Holmes has no more exciting life, than working for a Seller to find a new owner in a strong buyer’s market.

When meeting with the Sellers it is important to find out their time table and motivation for moving now.  It is time to share with them our David Knox DVD on “How to Price a Home for Sale” and “How to Prepare a Home for Sale”.  These interesting videos help Sellers prepare and price the home for sale at the highest amount possible.  Here is a good list of things a Seller can do to get a home ready to be attractive to new buyers.

One of the great selling points about this client’s home is that it is in a very popular price range for first time home buyers.  That means that a first time home buyer will have an $8,000 tax credit to apply towards this home, which will make it that much more attractive to a potential buyer.  I look forward to working with our Seller to find the perfect Buyer for their home...so that they can acccomplish their goal of moving to a new area to start a new job.  A Realtor hears no sweeter words than...“Can You Sell My Home?'

If you are interested in how to attract more buyers in order to sell your home profitably and in a reasonable amount of time, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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