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2010-01-13 20:10:36
Bountiful Home...Outstanding Utah Value

Bountiful Home in Utah…One of the Best Prices in the Country!

Today we are highlighting a beautiful home which is for sale in the foothills of Bountiful.  This home is located at 201 South Moss Hill Drive and a complete tour of this gorgeous home can be accessed by clicking here.  I thought it might be enlightening to compare some of the home values throughout the country with our home values here in Utah…and in particular, to our subject home. 



In Las Vegas, we found only 33 listings which could be considered comparables, in that their prices were between $540,000 and $550,000. The average square footage of these homes was just slightly under 2,000 square feet and several were condos or town homes. 

In San Francisco, there were only 25 listings between $540,000 and $550,000 and ALL were condos or town homes.  The average size condo that this amount of money would purchase for you was just under 1400 square feet…with property taxes far greater than our own here in Utah. 

In Boston, Ma. there were only 15 listings that might qualify as comparables, the average square footage being 2,200 square feet in homes that were far older than those we have been looking at.  In Chicago, Ill, our money would purchase one of 110 listings, all condos, with the average size being 1400 Square feet. 

In Dallas, Texas, we located 44 residences which were priced at our target amount…most were single family homes with an average square footage of 2600 square feet…but property taxes in Texas would make us all cry!

The only place in my search where home values were anywhere NEAR what we are experiencing in Utah was Boise, Idaho.  Great potatoes, fine fishing streams…but you have to live there to enjoy their housing market or their potatoes and fishing streams!

And here in Utah, there are many residences priced within our target range.  The average size of those residences is approximately 4100 square feet with an average age of 8 years.  Now, let’s look again at the property we are spotlighting today.  This home was built in 2007, has 5001 square feet, 6 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.  It sits on the hill overlooking the beautiful Bountiful valley and also has an exquisite view of the Bountiful Temple.  The home has granite countertops, staggered kitchen cabinets in knotty alder and also boasts a second kitchen in the finished basement. This home is a fantastic residence and represents one of the best values in the whole country!!! Take a look and see what you think…compare it to the homes whose pictures are attached to this blog…and you will know that you have found a treasure here in the shadows of the mountains of Bountiful, Utah.    

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