Home Warranty Plans

Home Warranty Plans are an exceptional way to eliminate unexpected expenses when buying or selling a home.  The purpose of a home warranty program is:

  • Peace of mind to protect against unexpected repair or replacement costs.
  • Prevents unexpected costs on covered systems due to unknown conditions.
  • Convenient for the buyer to request service on items and systems covered

Home Warranties do not cover pre-existing conditions or abuse as determined by the provider of the Home Warranty Plan.  Warranty Companies will make a determination of the cause of the problem and determine if the conditions of the warranty plan qualify for reimbursement.

The following companies have developed excellent reputations for providing good home warranty services.  Website links have been provided for your inspection and review.  Please compare the plans, items and systems covered, financial limits of coverage, and the costs of each plan. 

Home Warranty Plans are for one year (renewable if desired) and are paid for in advance of service, normally at the closing of the purchase transaction.

  1. Alliance Home Warranty:
    Request a Sample Contract:
    Plans start at $295.00 with Additional Coverage Available
  2. Landmark Home Warranty:
    Application and Limits of Coverage:
    Plans start at $295 per year with Additional Coverage Available
  3. First American Home Warranty:
    Request a Free Quote:
    Plans start at $325 per year with Additional Coverage Available

 Investor/Resident "No Fault" Home Warranty Policy:  Welch Randall Real Estate offers a special "No Fault Home Warranty Plan " specifically for rental property owners and residents of properties managed by Welch Randall Property Management.  Most homewarranty plan establish who is at fault so that the party who pays can be determined.  Although pre-existhing conditions and abuse are still not covered, this plan does not establish who is at fault which is often difficult to do.  Owners agree to pay the monthly premium and resident agree to pay the one-time Trade Call Fee.  This plan offers the following benefits to owners and residents:

  • Owners pay premiums monthly rather than annually in advance. Premiums begin at $30 per month.
  • Residents liability is limited to $40-$65 per service visit depending on the vendor

For complete details on systems covered, limits of coverage and rates, please contact service@welchrandall.com.

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