Real Estate Investing is best learned from those who actually do it!  There are many seminars, books, and Internet sites that talk about real estate investment but many may not have ever purchased a proprerty for investment themselves.  At Welch Randall we practice what we preach.  We invest in real estate ourselves!

Rather than make our money on seminars or books, we make our money by finding our investors properties and by creating equity and cash flow so that our clients can buy now... and sell later for income now and profit later.  We explain how to manage your own properties for a profit... or you can hire us to do that work for you.

Real Estate for Retirement Purposes:  If you are interested in learning how to purchase real estate now to supplement your retirement program for later in life then go to and find out how much real estate you will need to own to earn $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000 a month when you are ready to retire.

For help and tips on how to manage your day to day real estate operations and topics of interest for investors, visit our investor's blog.  Now is the time to start your investing because no one knows for sure if social security, stocks and bond, or pension plans will be sufficient to take care of our retirment needs.

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