Contact the Property Management Team

Welch Randall is a Departmentalized Based Property Management Service Provider. Please see our directory below:

Realtor / Sales Information
Realtors looking to refer a client to our Property Management services. We pay a referral fee plus you will be able to help the client sell the property when the time comes. Please contact:
Brad Randall
801.399.5883 extension #101
or 801.960.4152

PM Services
If you are looking for a quote for our Property Management services, please contact:
Brad Randall
801.399.5883 extension #101
or 801.960.4152

Owner Billing Questions
If you have a question about your owner statement or your owner payment? Please contact:
Julie Hess
801.399.5883 extension #107
or 801.960.4733

Existing Resident / Property Owner Questions on Active or Existing Work Order
If you have questions regarding an active or existing work order, please contact:
Tracy Moore
801.399.5883 - Extension #102
or 801.960.4409
*If you need to submit a new work order, please either use the AppFolio software or you can call our office to submit it over the phone*
**If you have an after hours maintenance emergency, please call 801-399-5883 Ext. #102 **

Tenant / Resident Questions
If you are an existing tenant and have questions about your lease, a violation notice you received, how to pay rent or something regarding your lease contract, please contact:
Nathan Halvorson
801.399.5883 extension #103
or 801.960.4536
If you have any other general questions, please email or call our office at 801-399-5883.