HOA Services & Pricing

List of Services

Welch Randall Real Estate can provide a customized list of services to help provide top quality service for your community. Below is a list of the most standard services provided for the communities we manage:

  1.   Monthly Statement of Accounts (Available 24/7 On-line)
  2.   Monthly Reconciliation of Bank Statements
  3.   Banking Services (Deposits/ACH/Fee Management)
  4.   Monthly Income Statement (Available 24/7 On-line)
  5.   Monthly Budget Comparison YTD (Available 24/7 On-line)
  6.   Monthly General Ledger List (Available 24/7 On-line)
  7.   Monthly Past Due List (Available 24/7 On-line)
  8.   Monthly Report of Annual, YTD, and Monthly Financial Statement Reports
  9.   Free Legal Collections for Past Due Accounts (through 90 days)
  10.   Payables List for Board Approval (1-2 times each month / provided electronically)
  11.   Management of Vendor Contracts and Bidding from office. (Onsite supervision of vendors an additional fee of $55.00 per man hour)
  12.   Disbursement of Monies to Vendors with No PM Markup
  13.   On-Site Supervision When Requested at prevailing hourly rate
  14.   State Required Reserve Study Accounting and Supervision
  15.   Enforcement of CC&Rs, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations Under HOA Board or Developer Direction
  16.   Credit Card and ACH Capability (expenses paid by resident not the HOA)
  17.   Attendance at Board Meetings in person or via phone / 1 - Annual Meeting
  18.   Preparation of docs for annual meeting and board meeting as requested
  19.   Preparation of 1-2 community newsletters per year as desired by HOA board.
  20.   On Line Meetings and Internet Conference Calls – Free Service
  21.   Visual Property Condition Reports
  22.   Text Message / Email Messages (no additional charge) for community wide needs or individual.
  23.   Web Site Creation  (Each HOA has a Web Page to Post HOA Documents and Notices, Can be Password Protected) – This is linked to our site but all docs can be provided
  24.   Web Site access for all community docs (free to everyone) including Realtors, Title Companies, Lenders and Homeowners
  25.   Direct Work Order Posting by Residents On-Line
  26.   Free Contact and Mailing for Citations and Violations
  27.   Dispatching of Service Calls to Vendors/Contractors



Pricing for community management varies based upon the level of supervision the community board would like to receive from the management company onsite. Welch Randall offers a list of standard services provided with each management contract. The list of services is provided on this page. 
For most communities our pricing ranges from $9.00 - $12.00 per door / per month to manage. The most common services that increase the price for community management services we provide are the following:
  • Meeting Attendance - If a community would like to have a property management representative onsite at a monthly board meeting, the cost for those services will increase the monthy management fee rate. 
  • On-sight walk-through's  - If the board would like to have the management company peform walk-through's on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or other frequency basis, the number of walk-through's requested will affect the management fee rate. 
Base Pricing
Are you a board member or community member in a smaller community? Many times we get the question "what is your base management fee for smaller communities"? Currently, our base management fee is $495.00 per month. Typically the smallest community we manage is around 25-30 units. The cost per unit to have professional management for smaller communities can be high and so many communities will look at self-managing options or options of using an online-based software to help manage the financials of the community. If you would like to consult with us regarding your community please reach out to us atinfo@welchrandall.com
Standard Pricing
For the vast majority of our communities we provide the standard list of services provided plus the following:
  • 4 Board Meeting Visits per year
  • 1 Annual Board Meeting Attendance
  • 4 Property Condition Walk-Through's
With that in mind, the standard pricing structure based on the number of units ranges typically as follows:
30-45 Units - $495.00 per month management fee
45 - 70 Units - $495.00 - $695.00 per month management fee
70 - 100 Units - $700.00 - $995.00 per month management fee
100 - 150 Units - $1,000.00 - $1,495.00 per month management fee
150 Units Plus - Please seek a customized quote
Once again, these are estimate prices. For a customized quote for your community please reach out to us at info@welchrandall.com or via phone at 801.399.5883.

Setup Fee

Welch Randall charges a setup fee based upon the size of the community we are managing. If you are looking to transition from one management company or self-managing to Welch Randall, the standard time to transition properly is 45-60 days. 
Setup fee rates range from $395.00 - $895.00. The following services are provided with the setup fee. 
  •    Setup of Bank Accounts for Management Company
  •    Inputting all new owners into the software system
  •    Inputting all new vendors into the software system, creating checks, etc.
  •    Verify Tax ID information, setup registration on State HOA Website and HUD site.
  •    Create a new website link on Welch Randall’s page including CC&R’s, Bylaws and other community docs
  •    Review of all CC&R’s and community docs
  •    Creation of Welcome Packet for New Homeowners
  •    Working with Vendors to setup accounts for necessary contracts, including utilities and other community related services.
  •    List of residents (names, addresses, emails, phone numbers)
  •    Setup of property on 24/7 maintenance hotline and online software for maintenance.

Example Documents

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